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2.2 mi (3.5 km)

Est. Time
2 hours

Elevation Change
500' (167m)


May - November

Pets Allowed

Crowds - Moderate

If you want the excitement of Glacier point with the anxiety of falling off of a really tall cliff, then the Taft Point Hike is definitely for you. Basically it's Glacier Point without the guardrails. The views of El Capitan and Yosemite Falls from this angle are impressive.

Begin at Sentinel Dome/Taft Point trailhead (6 miles east of Bridalveil Creek Campground turnoff)

At the trailhead, turn right (red line on map) to head toward Sentinel Dome. Once near the dome, the trail meets an old road. Follow the road to the northeast side of the dome, where the incline is less imposing. Scramble up the side of the dome and, at the top, enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree panorama.

Heading back down the dome, turn to the left and follow the connecting trail (tan line on map) over to Taft Point (purple line on map). Head back to the trailhead to complete the loop.

Alternately, at the trailhead, turn left to head toward Taft Point (purple line) and The Fissures. Your walk is easy at first, through forest and wildflower-filled meadows (in July). Watch your step around The Fissures and at Taft Point, where you'll enjoy magnificent views of Yosemite Valley.


Note: never climb domes during a thunderstorm.



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