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Yosemite Shuttle Stop - Denotes which shuttle stop when you see this icon.

2 mi (3.2 km) round-trip

Est. Time
1 hour

Elevation Change
100' (32m)
give or take a bit.


Year Round

Pets Allowed
Yes (on a leash)

Crowds - Very Crowded

From shuttle stop 17, a paved trail leads directly to Mirror Lake. Hikers may access a loop trail from the paved path. This loop, which follows Tenaya Creek beyond the lake, crosses two bridges beyond the Snow Creek intersection and returns past Mirror Lake is currently closed due to rockslide. When filled in winter and spring, the lake offers beautiful reflections of surrounding cliffs. This is a great place to see wildlife. Exhibits detail the story of the area's lake-to-meadow succession.

This is a good hike to take a bicycle on but will get a tiny bit steep towards the lake.

Bring your swimsuits as Mirror Lake is a popular swimming hole.

Restrooms are available near the trail at Mirror Lake.



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